“Dear Bible College Students,

As we stand on the eve of Thanksgiving, I have a question for you. Is it ever too late to say thanks? In this blog post, let’s briefly review the essence of gratitude through the lens of an acrostic – G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E.

May this reflection guide us as we navigate the question of when and how to offer our thanks, making this Thanksgiving Day more than just a day of celebration but a lifestyle of gratitude filled with deep reflection, joy, and purpose.


G – Give to Others with Love:
Embrace the spirit of giving and reach out to hurting people with genuine love and compassion. Your kindness can be a beacon of hope in someone’s life.

R – Reflect on God’s Goodness:
Take time to reflect on the goodness of God throughout the year. Acknowledge His faithfulness, grace, and the countless blessings He has given you.

A – Abound in Thankfulness:
Let thankfulness be a constant attitude, not just during Thanksgiving week. Cultivate a heart that overflows with gratitude for both your life’s big and small blessings as well as the big and small trials that you confront.

T – Transform Lives Through Service:
As you do God’s will, engage in acts of service that can transform lives. Your obedience to God’s call can profoundly impact those around you.

I – Inspire Hope:
Be a source of inspiration and hope to those facing challenges. Your words and actions can be a testament to the hope found in Christ.

T – Trust in God’s Plan:
In all circumstances, trust in God’s perfect plan for your life. Even in uncertainties, your trust in Him will guide you on the path of righteousness.

U – Unite in Fellowship:
Foster a sense of unity, teamwork, and fellowship within the community. As believers, you can support and uplift each other in your faith journey.

D – Devote Yourself to Prayer:
Devote time to prayer, seeking God’s guidance in all that you do. A heart committed to prayer is open to God’s will and sensitive to the needs of others. You don’t have to have a daily hour of power, but at least consider a “minute to win it.” 

E – Extend God’s Love Beyond Thanksgiving:
Let the spirit of gratitude extend beyond Thanksgiving week. Live a life that continually reflects God’s love, sharing His grace and mercy with those you encounter.

May this acrostic serve as a reminder of the transformative power of gratitude, the importance of reaching out to hurting people, and the fulfillment found in doing God’s will. As you embrace these principles, may your Thanksgiving week be a time of deep reflection, joy, and purpose.