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Associate Current Quarter Schedule

Get ready for an exciting fall quarter, beginning Monday, September 18th. Enroll now and gain access to an array of engaging classes offered on our diverse platforms. Click the link below to view the full schedule.

Bachelor Course Schedule

This schedule outlines the arrangement of courses and classes that a student is expected to attend throughout a particular academic term. It provides crucial information such as the names of the courses, the names of the instructors, the specific days and times when classes will be held. 

List of Course  Descriptions

Looking for information on courses; such as books, and detailed descriptions? You’ve come to the right place!


Course Descriptions

Click the link below to view a list of our course descriptions.

Course Descriptions

Sponsor a Student

We are thrilled to unveil our latest initiative – the “Sponsor a Student” program! At VOBC, we believe in the transformative power of Christian education, and with this new feature, you can directly impact the lives of aspiring students.




Request Student Transcripts

To request a copy of your transcripts, click the link below  Transcripts will be sent via email and contain all student records since 1983.

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To view your most recent final grades, simply log into your student account at Victory Outreach Bible College. Once logged in, click on the “Grades” tab and be sure to uncheck the “Show Active Courses only” box. Follow the instructions provided to access your grades.

Transcript Request

Prepare for Minister’s License

Victory Outreach Int’l

How to Prepare to be a Licensed Minister

VOBC is the starting point for aspiring ministers and those dedicated to deepening their understanding of God’s Word.

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Whether you are taking your first steps into leadership or seeking to nurture your spiritual growth, VOBC is here to guide you on your journey. With our comprehensive curriculum and passionate instructors, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a licensed minister.  Click on the link below for more details.

Prepare to be a Licensed Minister


Class of 2025

What it Takes to Graduate

To graduate from the associate program (VETI), 19 core courses and any five, 3-unit, elective courses are required.

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The Bachelor of Christian Ministry program is a one-year, 42-unit program consisting of 6 Modules.  Thesis writing and development will take place throughout the program. Students are expected to have mastery of the course material in the areas of Bible, Theology, Church Ministry, Urban Ministry, and General Education.


Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities



Student Chapel

12 pm – 1 pm

Event Info

You are invited to join our upcoming Chapel Service on February 19 from 12pm-1pm via Zoom.

As we gather together virtually, let’s delve into the theme “Until He Comes” and explore the significance it holds for each of us.

Your presence will truly make a difference.

Zoom Link



Spring Quarter

Enrollment Opens (Associate Program)

Event Info

We’re excited to announce that enrollment for the upcoming Spring Quarter is now open, and it’s time to register for your next chapter of academic and spiritual growth.

Here’s what awaits you this quarter:
📚 Engaging Courses: Explore thought-provoking classes to deepen your understanding of the Bible and related studies.
🌐 Spiritual Development: Immerse yourself in a supportive community that fosters faith, fellowship, and personal growth.
🎓 Dedicated Faculty: Learn from experienced instructors passionate about guiding you on your academic and spiritual journey.

Ready to enroll? Log into your student portal, Maestro, to secure your spot in the Spring Quarter classes. 



Spring Quarter


Event Info

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Spring Quarter of academic and spiritual exploration at VOBC! It’s a season of growth, reflection, and deepening your understanding of the scriptures.

Important Dates:
📅 Spring Quarter Start Date: April 15

What to Expect:
🎓 Inspiring Courses: Dive into courses designed to expand your biblical knowledge and strengthen your faith.

🤝 Community Engagement: Connect with fellow students through study groups, prayer circles, and special events.

Embrace the beauty of this season not only in nature but also in your personal and academic pursuits.



Victory Outreach Bible College Academic Insights


Our dedicated space for exploring the profound and divine aspects of academic life within VOBC. May this journey through “Academic Insights” be a transformative experience, deepening your connection with both God and scholarly pursuits that define our shared path.

The Role of Faith in Decision-Making: Embracing the New Year with Theological Reflection

As we enter a new year full of possibilities, it's a great time to look beyond mere resolutions and consider a perspective rooted in theological thinking. In a world with choices and uncertainties, individuals often seek guidance to make decisions aligned with their...

Angry No More: Leave it at the Door of 2024

Have you ever been angry? Or when was the last time you were angry? It seems like for some people, they are always mad. Anger is a feeling or emotion that can range from mild irritation to intense upset and rage. The Bible has many things to say about anger and angry...

Christmas. What are you waiting for? 

Luke 2:22-2:38  Christmas is often associated with waiting. Children eagerly await presents, students wait for a school break, adults expect time off work, and parents can’t wait until the festivities are over so they can rest.  But what do you want for...

“Do You See What I See?”

Annette Moreno, MA She gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him snugly in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger because there was no lodging available for them.  Luke‬ ‭2:7‬ ‭NLT There is a popular Christmas song titled "Do You Hear What I Hear?" that...

Too Late to Say Thanks?

"Dear Bible College Students, As we stand on the eve of Thanksgiving, I have a question for you. Is it ever too late to say thanks? In this blog post, let's briefly review the essence of gratitude through the lens of an acrostic – G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E. May this...

Sacred Break: Nurture Mental Wellness / 4 Steps to Promote Mental Health Wellness and Rejuvenate your Soul

Happy November, VOBC Students. As we conclude the fall quarter here at Victory Outreach Bible College, I want to take a moment to commend each of you for your dedication, hard work, and the spiritual development you've achieved in these past few months. Your...

The “End Time Student”

Four Characteristics of an End-Time Student: If there ever was a time when we needed empowerment, it is now. So join me on this journey of exploration, delving into the transformative qualities that define an End-Time Student's character in the pursuit of academic...

Christian Ethics in Victory Outreach Bible College

Among the many topics you will discover in Bible college is Christian ethics, which is all about understanding how the teachings of Christ in the Bible influence your moral choices and actions. It's not just academic knowledge; it's about putting these principles into...

Trusting God’s Plan for Your Life

One of the most profound aspects of our Christian faith is learning to trust God's plan for our lives. It's not always easy, but it's deeply rewarding. Here are a few thoughts I'd like to share with you on this topic: ** 😀 God's Plan is Perfect:** ✝ God's plan for...

The Significance of Understanding the Bible

The Significance of Understanding the Bible As you start your journey in Bible College, I want to highlight the importance of understanding the Bible for your life and ministry. The Bible is not merely a collection of ancient texts; it is the living Word of God that...