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Christian Ministry

 Living out your God-given destiny requires clarifying the vision God has for you.  Victory Outreach Bible College is the place where VISION is refined.  We are the school that trains visionary leaders to radically impact their world for Christ. The strategically designed Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree will prepare you to fulfill God’s vision for ministry.


Format & Schedule

This 18-month, 42-unit program consists of 6 Modules.  Thesis writing and development will take place throughout the program. The Bachelor of Christian Ministry program builds upon the educational experience received at our Associate (VETI) program.  Students are expected to have mastery of the course material in the areas of Bible, Theology, Church Ministry, Urban Ministry, and General Education.

 Students engage in a variety of online learning activities, including extensive reading and reflection, a live online format with faculty and other students, threaded discussions, and independent research.

All courses are taught via Zoom on Saturday mornings from 8 AM–Noon PST.



Christian Ministry

At Victory Outreach Bible College, we believe in empowering individuals to live out their God-given destiny. Our Bachelor Program is designed to refine your vision and equip you with the necessary tools to become a visionary leader who can make a radical impact on the world for Christ. Our strategically designed Bachelor of Christian Ministry program will prepare you to fulfill God’s vision for ministry.

Spiritual Formation

  •  Pastoral Care and Crisis Counseling (3 units).
  • Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (3 units).


  • Critical Thinking and Research & Writing for Ministers (4 units).
  • Christian Education: Teaching for Life Change and Transformation (3 units).


    • Organizational Management for Christian Ministries        (4 Units)
    • Cross-Cultural Communication (3-Units)


  • Visionary Leadership (3 units).
  • Christian Philosophy and Ethics (3 units).


  • Strategic Team Church Planting (3 units).
  • Historical Origins of the Pentecostal Movement (3 units).
  • Evangelism and Community Development (3 units).

Thesis Project

  • Thesis Orientation (1 unit).
  • Thesis Bibliographic Research & Methodologies (1 unit).
  • Thesis Proposal Project (1 unit).
  • Final Thesis Instruction (1 unit).
  • Independent Study / Thesis Advisor Meetings (3 units).


Requirements for Admission

Year-round open enrollment. Courses are held on Saturday mornings from 8 AM – Noon PST taught via Zoom. Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience and connect with our dedicated instructors and fellow students. 

Must Have Earned an Associate

To apply, you must have completed an Associate from V.E.T.I. If you have completed the equivalent of 2-years of formal Bible training at another institution, contact the school and request official transcripts be sent to Victory Outreach Bible College, 250 W. Arrow Hwy. San Dimas, Ca. 91773.

Submit Application

Complete the application form via the Maestro platform ($25 application fee required).


Two Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation (a personal and ministry reference).

A Single Letter from Senior Pastor

At Victory Outreach Bible College, students will cultivate essential leadership skills that prepare them for impactful team ministry within local churches.

Personal Essay

To gain admission to the Bachelor’s program, we kindly request that you prepare a personal essay that delves into your spiritual journey. This essay will help us better understand your unique identity, values, and writing abilities.

Forms for Download

All forms, along with additional resources, are available in the link below.

Printed Forms


Equipping a generation of visionary leaders

Forty-two units are required to complete the Bachelor of Christian Ministry program. Students do not need to pay the entire tuition at once. Instead, students pay for their courses as they enroll in them.

    1. Total tuition for Victory Outreach members is $3150. Cost per unit = $75.00. The cost of tuition does not include books and fees. See the fee section below.
    2. Total tuition for Non-Victory Outreach members is $4150.
          • Cost per unit = $98.81.

The cost of tuition does not include books and fees. 

Payment plans are also available for Non-Victory Outreach members.

    • 50% of the tuition is due at the time of registration. The remaining 50% is due 3 weeks later.
    • For example, if the course you are enrolling in is a 3-unit course, the tuition is 3 x $75 or $225.  50% or $112.5 is due at the time of registration, and $112.50 is due 3 weeks later.

If you enroll in a class by mistake or decide not to be a part of a course, you may drop the course. To receive credit for a dropped class, you must inform your instructor and email veti@victoryoutreach.org during the first week of the course. There are no refunds. You will then receive a response from Academic Services with the acknowledgment of the course credit.

At Victory Outreach Bible College, we prioritize our commitment to student satisfaction. As part of this commitment, please note that refunds are not available. However, we offer alternative options that allow students to make the most of their investment. Students have the opportunity to retain the course credit for future use, apply it towards another class, or defer enrollment to a later time. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we strive to provide flexible solutions that meet your needs.