Victory Outreach has been evangelizing and discipling the inner cities of the world since 1967 with the message of hope and plan of Jesus Christ.

In 1983 we started our bible institute (VETI) to equip men & women for the work of the ministry.  Today, Victory Education Training Institute is one of the largest Bible institutes in the United States.

We are now excited to introduce Victory Outreach Bible College, where students can earn a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry.

Victory Outreach International is taking another step to ensure that the legacy of Victory Outreach continues, “Equipping a Generation of Visionary Leaders”.

Our Mission Statement

To equip men and women called by God to serve in the manifold ministries of the church as pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, and leaders in a changing world.

Our Values

  1. Biblical Truth
    Jesus Christ is the Truth.  As a learning community of faith, we are committed to pursuing the truth of God’s Word, applying the truth to our lives, and leading others to the truth and freedom found in Jesus Christ.
  2. Spiritual Empowerment
    The Holy Spirit empowers followers of Christ to fulfill their God-given destiny.  As a spirit-filled community, we are committed to seeking the power of the Holy Spirit to do the work of the ministry, relying upon the Spirit’s leading for direction, and trusting in the Spirit at work in us to accomplish the vision God has set before us.
  3. Christ-like Character
    The Life of Christ provides us with the shape and character of the Christian way of life.  As a Christ-centered community of excellence, we are committed to growing in holiness and to being in right relationship with God and others as we glorify God and become more like Christ on a daily basis.
  4. Christian Service
    God so loved the world that He sent his Son to save it. As those who continue to carry out the ministry of Christ, we are committed to being servant leaders with a “glocal” vision for evangelizing the hurting people of the world.

Our Educational Goals

The Bachelors of Christian Ministry Degree at Victory Outreach Bible College focuses on academics, spiritual formation, communication, ministry, and outreach.  The program builds upon the educational experience received at Victory Education & Training Institute.  Students are expected to have mastery of the course material in the areas of Bible, Theology, Church Ministry, Urban Ministry, and General Education.

  1. Spiritual Formation
    Students will learn spiritual disciplines and model the habits necessary for growing in their walk with God and developing Christ-like character.
  2. Academic
    Students will acquire knowledge of the significant Biblical and theological themes from a Pentecostal perspective along with critical thinking, research, and writing skills that will prepare them for understanding scripture and higher education.
  3. Communication
    The student will gain public speaking and interpersonal skills for passionately communicating the message of Hope and Plan of Jesus Christ in a compelling, logical, and relevant presentation.
  4. Ministry
    Students will develop leadership skills that equip them for effective team ministry in the local church.
  5. Outreach
    Students will grow in their knowledge and ability to strategically serve and evangelize the hurting people of the inner city.


Victory Outreach Bible College is owned and operated by Victory Outreach International and, as such, is governed by the values, policies, guidelines, and overall mission and vision of Victory Outreach International.

Victory Outreach Bible College is not accredited by any local, regional, or national governing body. However, students will learn from instructors with at least one master’s or doctorate in their field. Upon completing the Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree, students will also have the opportunity to transfer their units to one of our partnering universities for an accredited Masters’s degree.

Apply Now

All forms, along with additional resources, are available here: http://resources.vobiblecollege.org/