Associate Program (VETI)

Biblical and Theological Studies

The Associate of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies is a 2-year program that provides you with a deep understanding of the Bible, theological synthesis, and hermeneutic practices. You will study a broad curriculum taught from a Biblical framework while gaining skills for effective ministry. Upon finishing this program, you have the option to progress towards obtaining a Bachelor’s in Christian Ministry through our dedicated program or seamlessly transfer to one of our academic partners at an accredited university.


Format & Schedule

The associate’s program is a 2-year degree provided the student earns nine units per quarter (or 3 courses) four quarters per year. Courses are available either online, on-site, live online via Zoom, or on-demand,  Students must complete 19 required courses and any 5 elective courses in order to graduate.  In addition to weekly reading and assignments, students will participate in discussion boards with professors and peers. 



Biblical & Theological Studies

Discover knowledge and growth through our diverse curriculum at Victory Outreach Bible College. Deepen your understanding of the Bible, strengthen your leadership skills, and embrace an enriching educational journey. This program is the starting point for those seeking to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and Theology. Our primary vision is to equip men & women for the work of the ministry.



 These courses are designed to develop essential skills, critical thinking, and a well-rounded knowledge base.  General courses aim to cultivate intellectual curiosity, improve communication abilities, and equip students with versatile knowledge that can be applied across diverse fields.  


These courses encompass a diverse range of topics, including the study of biblical doctrine, theological traditions, ethics, spirituality, and the intersections of religion with various aspects of human society.  


These courses explore the historical and literary dimensions of the Old and New Testaments, examining the narratives, themes, and teachings within. Students will gain insight into the cultural contexts, authorship, and interpretation of various biblical texts. 


Leadership courses provide comprehensive instruction in the principles and practices of effective leadership.  Students will learn about various leadership styles, communication strategies, team dynamics, decision-making processes, and conflict-resolution techniques. Through case studies, real-world simulations, and interactive projects, students will develop their leadership abilities and refine their problem-solving skills. 


Equipping men & women for the work of the ministry

 At Victory Outreach Bible College, our tuition for each 3-unit course in the USA is $195 (not including the cost of textbooks). Most courses only require one book, except for “Church History 3 – History & Vision of VOI,” which requires two.

Whether you want to take one course or three, there are no minimum course requirements or time limits to complete our program. Students pay for each course in full at the time of enrollment, and unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans.

If you are not interested in receiving a grade or credit for a course but just want to sit in, register as an audit student. Auditing VETI courses is a great way for church members, leaders, instructors, ministers, and pastors to continue acquiring knowledge and growing in their craft.

The audit tuition for courses in the USA is $85 and varies by country. To enroll in an audit course click the link below.

Audit Course

If you enroll in a class by mistake or decide not to be a part of a course, you may drop the course. To receive credit for a dropped class, you must inform your instructor and email veti@victoryoutreach.org during the first week of the course. There are no refunds. You will then receive a response from Academic Services with the acknowledgment of the course credit.

At Victory Outreach Bible College, we prioritize our commitment to student satisfaction. As part of this commitment, please note that refunds are not available. However, we offer alternative options that allow students to make the most of their investment. Students have the opportunity to retain the course credit for future use, apply it towards another class, or defer enrollment to a later time. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we strive to provide flexible solutions that meet your needs.