Have you ever been angry?

Or when was the last time you were angry? It seems like for some people, they are always mad. Anger is a feeling or emotion that can range from mild irritation to intense upset and rage.

The Bible has many things to say about anger and angry people. One of them is in Ephesians 4:26: “Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” This verse doesn’t mean that you should not be angry. Instead, it means to deal with your anger quickly.

As we prepare to enter this new year, decide to let go of anger. It’s a choice we all need to make. In other words, develop self-control. Don’t allow yourself to bring in anything negative (anger, troubles, resentments, failure, misunderstanding, etc.). Let it go.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, but you are the one who gets burned.

Whatever happened in 2023 that makes you angry, upset, or discouraged, let it go (don’t let the sun go down on it).

  • If you fail a course, don’t let the sun go down on it.
  • If you feel mistreated, forgotten, and overlooked, don’t let the sun go down on it.
  • If your transcript is missing a course, don’t let the sun go down on it.
  • If you think your teacher graded you unfairly, don’t let the sun go down on it.
  • If you missed the last graduation, don’t let the sun go down on it.

And here’s one for free: if you’re married, don’t stay mad at each other. Deal with the issues quickly, seek counsel, and pray together. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry.

Unresolved anger can lead to damaging effects on one’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Do not bring anger into 2024; leave it at the door!

And if you are involved in ministry, according to Proverbs 16:32, you really need to develop self-control. Meditate on this scripture. “Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.”

A moment of Patience in a moment of Anger saves a thousand moments of Regret

It’s normal to get upset, but how you deal with it makes a difference.

Apostle Paul got angry (at least once) with Mark, one of the men in his ministry. He apparently misjudged Mark in Acts 15:37 by not wanting to bring Mark with him on his second missionary journey (Mark did leave Paul’s first journey for a reason no one really knows).

Paul talks negatively about Mark to his cousin Barnabas. Have you ever talked negatively about someone? Barnabas disagreed with Paul, leading to a split in Paul’s ministry. Paul went one way and Barnabas the other.

Later, in 2 Tim. 4:11, Paul writes, “Get Mark and bring him with you, for he is very useful to me for ministry.” It looks like Paul experienced a change of heart because now he wants Mark back. We don’t know exactly what happened except that Paul now wanted Mark back on his team.

Some commentators guess that maybe the reason Mark left Paul on the first journey was that Mark was just rebellious or not willing to pay the price. Others say that it’s possible that Paul was just so on fire and passionate about this ministry that he neglected his team, or maybe he was too harsh and difficult to work with. Yet others say that Mark just got homesick. We really don’t know the reason why Mark left Paul.

When Paul writes asking for Mark, he is in prison, knowing that his life may be ending soon. I think Paul did not want the sun to go down on his anger (he was pretty upset earlier).

You might be thinking, how do I not let the sun go down while I am angry? Here are a few suggestions: 

  1. First, ask yourself these questions and respond honestly: Is your anger justified? Does your anger last too long? Is your anger too intense? Do you get angry too quickly? Are people afraid of you?

  2. Don’t take things too personally. Think first, take a breath, then respond. Remove yourself from the situation if necessary. If you know that you are getting angry, count to ten. If you get really angry, count to a hundred 🙂

  3. Ask God to help you. He is in control and is aware of your situation. Know that you can overcome anger by connecting with God, his people, and through his Word, Galatians 5:22: “But the fruit of the spirit is patience.”  

If you want to start this year fresh, don’t bring anything negative from your past into the new year. Forget about it on purpose. Stop thinking about the bad things that happened to you; let them go and trust God’s sovereignty; see Romans 11:33-36. Do not bring anger into 2024; leave it at the door!

“Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.”

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