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The Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree at Victory Outreach Bible College was designed with you in mind! The Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree focuses on spiritual formation, academics, communication, ministry, and outreach. Our goal is to graduate some of the best, the brightest, the boldest, and the bravest visionary leaders who will continue the legacy of Victory Outreach in the urban centers around the world!

Bachelor of Christian Ministry Curriculum

The one-year, 42-unit program consists of 6 Modules.  Thesis writing and development will take place throughout the program. The Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree program builds upon the educational experience received at Victory Education & Training Institute (VETI).  Students are expected to have mastery of the course material in the areas of Bible, Theology, Church Ministry, Urban Ministry, and General Education.

All courses are taught via Zoom on Saturday mornings from 8 AM – Noon PST.

  1. Spiritual Formation:
    • 3 – Unit: Pastoral Care and Crisis Counseling.
    • 3 – Unit: Spiritual Formation and Discipleship.
    • 1 – Unit: Thesis Orientation.
  2. Academic:
    • 4 – Unit: Critical Thinking and Research and Writing for Ministers.
    • 3 – Unit: Christian Education: Teaching for Life Change and Transformation.
    • 1 – Unit: Thesis Bibliographic Research & Methodologies.
  3. Communication:
    • 4 – Unit: Organizational Management for Christian Ministries.
    • 3 – Unit: Cross-Cultural Communication.
  4. Ministry:
    • 3 – Unit: Visionary Leadership.
    • 3 – Unit: Christian Philosophy and Ethics.
  5. Outreach:
    • 3 – Unit: Strategic Team Church Planting.
    • 3 – Unit: Historical Origins of the Pentecostal Movement.
    • 3 – Unit: Evangelism and Community Development.
    • 1 – Unit: Thesis Proposal Project.
  6. Thesis Project:

    • 4 Unit Total:
      • 1 Unit: Final Thesis Instruction.
      • 3 Unit: Independent Study / Thesis Advisor Meetings.

Current Course Offerings:

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  1. Pastor Louie Audelo, MA. Dept of Ministry
  2. Pastor Augie Barajas, M.Div.  Dept. of Ministry
  3. Dr. Dell Castro, D. Min.  Dept. of Education
  4. Dr. Ben Garcia, D. Min.  Dept. of Bible
  5. Pastor Nick Gonzalez, M. Div.  Dept. of Education
  6. Dr. Ana Ornelas, D. Min. Dept. of Ministry
  7. Pastor Brian Villalobos, MA.  Dept. of Urban Missions
  8. Vivian Villalobos, MA., M.F.T, Dept of Ministry
  9. Dr. Kevin Young, D. Min.  Dept. of Theology
  10. Debbie Zegers, MBA.  Dept. of Ministry
  11. Pastor Mike Moreno, MA., Dept. of Urban Missions
  12. Annette Moreno, MA., Dept.of Urban Missions

Academic Advisory Board

  1. Dr. Ben Garcia, D. Min.
  2. Pastor Brian Villalobos, MA.
  3. Debbie Zegers, MBA.
  4. Dr. Dell Castro, D. Min.
  5. Dr. Kevin Young, D. Min.
  6. Pastor Nick Gonzalez, M. Div.
  7. Pastor Saul Garcia, BA.
  8. Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni Jr. BA.

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